St Andrews Links Trust

Blue2 are retained by St Andrews Links Trust as their development partner for a number of aspects of their website and online services, including the online shop, ballot and tournament services.

We have recently worked on their new website and ecommerce offering, working hand in hand with St Andrews Links Trust and their various other software and design partners to implement the sophisticated new destination presence.

The website and ecommerce shop integrates seamlessly with 3rd party stock management and delivery systems.

The stand-alone section of the website was designed mobile first in order to optimise the buying experience across mobile and handheld devices.  

Although clearly defined with its own style, the shopping cart seamlessly integrates with the purchasing options throughout the rest of the website allowing users to buy golfing merchandise and pay for golf tickets at the same time.

Integrating with 3rd party stock management, delivery, CRM, EPOS and order management systems, the store provides a powerful tool that enables the sale of premium merchandise across the globe.