Search Engine Optimisation-SEO

Strategic Search Engine Optimisation
Our SEO team are leading experts in the field, regularly we are invited to contribute to the main industry publications or key note at marketing conferences.

Simply because we care and we have one aim that is to drive more relevant traffic to your web site via increasing your visibility within the leading search engines such as Google.

The SEO Game
Unfortunately, there are many companies out there, no matter what country they are from who don’t care.

The simply take your money and either do very little or they do the wrong things.

Google has and continues to evolve and our team constantly monitor the Google algorithms keeping our fingers firmly on the pulse to ensure that your online marketing efforts will achieve the optimum, measurable results.

If you’re on this page because you are interested in SEO and what it might do for your business and you want to play the game, you want to use black hat tactics, you want to buy links to game the algorithms, you don’t want to invest seriously in your SEO or treat technical SEO with the important focus that it requires you are on the wrong page and the wrong website.

If you are a brand, looking to invest and adopt a strategic SEO plan to maximise your online visibility, credibility, relevancy and authority then you are on the right page and we would love to talk with you.

Technical SEO
SEO is not just about trying to achieve the signals which help you rank better in Google, it starts with your website design and build.

Our approach ensures that we don’t just follow best SEO practice, we work with you to achieve your overall marketing objectives. Areas our expert team at Blue2 can help your technical SEO projects.

Local SEO
The number of searches made on Google that are location specific are increasing and Google users expect to receive local results for these type of queries.

If your business serves a specific location or local area, then a strategic digital marketing plan focused on our local search engine optimisation services including for example Google My Business and local citations will help position your business in front of those customers looking for your service.

These type of search queries tend to be immediate actionable queries whether you are looking for SEO services in Dundee or restaurants in London or gyms in Chicago.

SEO for ecommerce
No matter what ecommerce platform you have chosen to run your business, whether it’s Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or Kentico, ultimately you just need a way to sell your products online.

From a technical SEO perspective there may be some user experience or user interface issues that require to be addressed or your abandonment rates from mobile maybe an issue and affecting your overall conversion rates, these aspects and more can be addressed through our conversion rate optimisation service.

However, to sell your products on line you need traffic and to increase your traffic to need to increase your visibility, if you don’t have enough traffic visiting your site then our bespoke ecommerce SEO programmes will devise unique ways to increase your visibility and bring in more relevant converting traffic to your site.

Ecommerce search engine marketing makes it easy for potential customers to find you at any time.

Quality SEO
Search engines like Google want to deliver a quality experience to their users, the searchers. They want sites that are built properly, render appropriately, contain quality content and deliver the right answer to the search query.

Blue2 Digital is built on the foundation of a quality approach to all our SEO efforts.

We add value to your website and your business, we help build your quality and in turn Google rewards your efforts with more traffic as you answer the queries delivering a quality experience for the users, your customers.