Tamara Lennart

We’re always looking for new ways to forge and foster connections with other parts of the design and digital community in Dundee, so this year we launched a summer internship programme for students in the city.

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Article Author: Blue2 Marketing Team

Our Digital marketing experts

We wanted to tap into the wealth of design and digital talent at the University of Dundee, the University of Abertay and Dundee and Angus College and give a student a 12-week paid placement to work with us and develop their skills.

Our team visited these institutions to talk to students about what we do at Blue2, to explain more about the programme and the projects we were offering. Around 60 students applied for a place and, after some pretty tough deliberation, we invited a shortlist of 12 to our offices for a pizza night to get to know them.

We were very impressed with the talent and drive of the students so it was a really difficult task to pick just one but, after group and one-to-one interviews, the stand-out candidate was Tamara Lennart, and we’re delighted to have had her on our team this summer.

Tamara, who is 22 and originally from Russia, explains more about her placement.

“I’m a fourth-year student at the University of Dundee, studying Computing Science. My friend and I heard about Blue2’s e-placement event on campus, so we went along. I really enjoyed the presentation that Nial (Digital Director) and Andrew (Technical Director) gave, as well as the conversation afterwards. They seemed really passionate about what they do, so I stayed for a chat with them after the event, to ask a few questions about the project they wanted their intern to work on, and about the company.

“It sounded like working with Blue2 would be interesting and useful and would teach me a lot, so I applied. I was invited to the pizza night and was asked to bring some projects to show. We had a group interview where all the candidates talked about php and design, and then we had one-to-one interviews to discuss ourselves, our course and projects, and then we had time to ask questions and chat with out potential future colleagues.

“I was delighted to be selected and I’ve been working on a project that gives me an opportunity to develop various sets of skills in different areas. I’ve been designing and working with databases and working on both front-end and back-end development of the system. One of my tasks was to develop a minimum viable product in accordance with functional requirements.

“I’ve been given a lot of scope to make my own decisions about ways of doing things, and I got lots of advice from the team on the best ways to do things. I’ve found out about a lot of useful templates, libraries and extensions that made the project even more interesting.

“Every day I have faced new challenges and learn new things. My colleagues were always ready to guide me in the right direction if I got stuck on something, as well as give advice on the best way to approach things.

“As well as the internship, Blue2 offered the chance to do my honours project with them. Andrew, my supervisor, helped me with a great, fresh idea that does not have an equivalent on the market yet. The project is quite complicated, but very exciting. Blue2 plays an end-user role for the project, making sure they like the product and giving me requirements for it.

“Because the project is complicated and I need to use JavaScript and other features that I am still learning about, Blue2 have also offered to mentor me and guide me in the right direction if I get stuck or am just new to stuff I need to use. It’s our hope that, if my timetable allows, I can come in to the office for half a day every week to update the team on my progress and discuss further plans and requirements.”

Blue2 have enjoyed having Tamara onboard. As well as being a great addition to our team, she’s made some really tasty treats for Cake Thursday. When she’s not working or studying, Tamara rides a really cool motorbike and takes off on trips to explore Scotland, and she also likes putting together models of cars, bikes and ships. Phew!

She says: “I’ve really enjoyed my summer with Blue2, and I’m looking forward to starting on my honours project.”

The internship project has proved to be beneficial for both Tamara and Blue2 and we’ll be looking for new students next year.