Blog, 15 April 2020

Blue2’s 22 things you can do during Lockdown 

Isolation boredom getting to you? Well not to worry because the Blue2 team have come up with a list of things you can do to stay busy during lockdown


  1. Home baking – if you’re familiar with Blue2 you’ll know we love cake but don’t wait till Thursday to get baking! 
  2. Attend a virtual event – Lockdown doesn’t mean Locked up there are still plenty of great events you can attend virtually, like quizzes and stand-up shows!
  3. Complete a puzzle – Dig out those puzzles and get cracking
  4. Spring Cleaning – Tackle that list of chores you have been putting off!
  5. Take up hula hooping – It burns calories and is fun for the whole family 
  6. Catch up with friends & family virtually – Check out the House Party app which allows you to spend time with the people you care about and have some fun with a variety of games
  7. Create a travel board – Got a list of places you’re dying to visit?! Well put them into a creative board and start planning! Trello and Pinterest are great for this 
  8. Start a movie marathon – Get the popcorn out and enjoy a film series like Marvel, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, James Bond or Star Wars 
  9. Get TikTok – Looking to kill a few hours? Download Tik Tok for some laughs or if you are feeling brave create your own! 
  10. Watch SGN on youtube – Fed up of the standard news channels, check out Some good news on youtube with John Krasinski bringing you some heartwarming news stories during this time
  11. Start journaling – Want to remember all the little things? Well start a daily journal to look back on in the future 
  12. Brew your own beer or create your own gin – There are great kits online for developing your favourite beverages 
  13. Develop a workout routine – There are 100’s of great exercise tips and videos out there, so see what works for you and create a routine 
  14. Create a recipe list – go through all those cookbooks and online recipes, pick your favourites and get cooking 
  15. Learn a new skill – There are plenty of online courses out there, why not use this time to develop your skills whether it be job-related or just for fun like learning a new language there’s plenty of options 
  16. Take a virtual 360 Holiday – Youtube offers a range of 360 travel videos allowing you to experience destinations all over the world 
  17. Take a daily walk – Get outside and take in some fresh air, perhaps explore a new area where you live 
  18. Contact old friends – Lost touch with some friends? Send them a message see how they are doing 
  19. Write future letters – Write a letter to yourself or to your future family, describe your present and discuss your future aspirations… wait and see how things turn out! 
  20. Listen to a podcast – There is a huge variety of podcast shows out there, find one that takes your fancy and tune in!
  21. Make your own cocktails – Missing happy hour well why not do it from home by learning your favourite cocktail recipes 
  22. Get the garden ready – Spend time getting the garden ready