A design for life – Five books on our reading list

You might say we’re geeks (and you would be right) but we do like to read about all things design and digital. Here are a few of our favourites, and the best thing about these is they’re all perfect for ‘normal’ people, too!

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Article Author: Blue2 Marketing Team

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1) Simon Garfield: Just My Type – A Book About Fonts

A great book that tells stories about fonts in a fun and engaging way. How did Helvetica take over the world, and why is Comic Sans loved and hated in equal measure? From the origins of handwritten type, to Letraset and the digital revolution, Just My Type reveals the extent to which fonts and typography are shaped by the world and how they, in turn, define our world.

2) James Naughton – A brief history of the future – The origins of the internet

Only the nerdiest among us at Blue2 understand exactly how the internet works. So this book, by the author who brought us From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg, is a great introduction to how it works, who invented it, and where it’s going next. It’s a personal account of one man’s enthusiasm for technology but it’s also authoritative and, ultimately, a celebration of one of the most remarkable human creations in history.

3) Steve Krug: Don’t Make Me Think

This witty and engaging book takes an in-depth look at web design. The main message to take away from it is that you can make the prettiest designs in the world, but if your users get frustrated while tootling around your website, you have failed. It looks at content layout, how users read pages, and effective navigation options. Will make you think about the design of all your favourite sites.

4) Robert Bringhurst: The Elements of Typographic Style.

This is the heavyweight of the bunch, considered by many to be the typography bible. From the history of fonts to the practical applications of typography, this book is the ultimate style guide for everyone involved in graphic design. If you want to know exactly how to pair beautiful fonts with a beautiful design, this is for you.

5) Frank Chimero – The Shape of Design

A beautiful book that will make you think about the design involved in many of the everyday things we take for granted. Takes a quirky look at the abstract concepts of design and considers why some things work and others just don’t. This one will change how you think about design forever.