News, 20 January 2020
Dundee Stars Interview & Game

An Evening of Dundee Star-gazing


Earlier last week, our offices played host to the latest Stars Talk by Dundee Stars TV which featured a brilliant interview with Stars player Matt Carter and our very own Digital Director, Nial Chapman.

Our partnership with Dundee Stars continues to be an extremely exciting project for the team and we are constantly looking at ways to update the site to make it as easy as possible for Dundee Stars staff to keep information like match stats and player information as up-to-date as possible. The site has also recently seen a Pride style makeover ahead of the league’s first Pride weekend in partnership with the ‘You Can Play’ project, this weekend.

As well as the interview last week, some of the team were very lucky to be invited to watch the Dundee Stars vs Cardiff Devils game from the hospitality box at Dundee Ice Arena yesterday evening. It was a fantastic game and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in attendance.