News, 1 May 2020

Avian and Blue2 take on the 2.6 challenge

This past weekend has seen several members of the team from Avian and Blue2 take on the 2.6 challenge. Seeing them running, walking, hedge cutting and baking in multiples of 2.6 or 26 to raise a total of £430 for our chosen charity.

The 2.6 challenge was set up in an attempt to help charities across the UK make up the losses of huge fundraising events, like the London Marathon, being cancelled due to the current pandemic. Many charities across the country have had to reduce or stop services due to this unprecedented time, when vulnerable members of the public need them most; Sadly, many charities will not survive the next few months.

With this in mind we chose to support The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) when taking on the 2.6 challenge. They have just released a Coronavirus Emergency Fund which concentrates on helping small charities and other charitable organisations affected by the impact of Covid-19, and offers them one-time grants of up to £10,000.

The list of the team that took part is below:

  • Scott McCallum – Walk 2.6 miles out and 2.6 miles back (Completed)
  • Nial Chapman – Run 2.6 miles (Completed)
  • Cailin Smith – Run 2.6 miles (Completed)
  • Fergus Middleton – Run 2.6 miles (Completed)
  • Barry Strachan – Walk 2.6 miles (Completed)
  • David Ednie – Walk 2.6 miles & learn alphabet backwards (26 letters) (Completed)
  • Harry Hoy – Cut 2.6 Metres of Hedge (Completed)
  • Judith Maguire – Walk 2.6 miles (Completed)
  • Nick Geissler-Mitchell – 26km on exercise bike (Completed)
  • Paula Donnelly – 26 full push-ups (Completed)
  • Phil Davidson – Walk Castle Brae (very steep!) x 26 times (Completed)
  • Vicki Anderson – Pot 26 plants (Completed)
  • Becca McCallum – Bake 26 Cupcakes & Walk 2.6 miles (Completed)
  • Emanuele Brignone – 26 push ups (Completed))
  • Cathal Kelly – Run for 26 minutes (Completed)
  • Deryck Wallace – Ride 26km with 260 metres climbing in 1/26th of a day (Completed)
  • Jamie Lowrey – Run 2.6 miles (Completed)
  • Matt Braddock – Run 2.6 miles (Completed)
  • Rachael Deas – 26 laps of my stairs (Completed)
  • Rob Black – Walk up 260m in altitude while staying 2.6m away from anyone (well except the dog) (Completed)
  • Tamara Makletsova – 26 squats with the pup (he is getting heavy) (Completed)
  • Tim Walker – 26 workout – 26 press ups, 26 sit-ups, 26 squats, 26 jumping jacks (Completed)
  • Simon Lamb – Wish 26 people a “Good day” as I drive around (Completed)

You can still donate at our virgin money page: