Why Bidding on Your Own Brand Keywords is Important

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Article Author: Blue2 Digital

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When advertisers “bid on brand” in PPC, it means bidding on your own brand keyphrases, so that when a potential customer searches for your brand on Google, your ad will display in the paid section of search results.
A lot of people make the mistake of not bidding on their own brand because they assume that because they rank high on organic listings they don’t need to run paid ads at the same time.
Below are some important reasons why it is important to bid on your own brand:


Relatively Inexpensive
The average cost-per-click (cpc) for targeting your own brand is much lower compared to other competitive keywords. In fact if done correctly, this is usually just pennies/click and shouldn’t cost more than 1% of your budget.
Brand terms tend to earn very good quality scores and can even improve your average quality score across your whole account. Try not to use broad match though as this will pick up other non-relevant variations, increasing your costs. Stick to phrase or exact match keywords and monitor closely. Also, keep an eye out for some sneaky affiliates or competitors who might try to push up your costs.


Control and Test your Ad Copy
When using paid ads, you can often highlight and test special offers or new products in your ads and send users to relevant pages of your site. You can set-up and run split ads, testing different messages and call-to-actions to see which is most effective and which brings in the most conversions. This would be very difficult to do with your organic listing as it will only show for the meta data you have set for that page and I would advise against trying these things for organic search.


Enjoy increased Ad Space
You get a larger space to test your message and use ad extensions such as sitelinks and click-to-call mobile ads. Adding sitelinks can boost the average CTR on an ad by 20-50% when the search is on one of your brand terms. Also, since the link text gives more information about different pages of your site, you will get more traffic to internal pages, resulting in better conversions, higher user satisfaction and hence more loyal visitors and customers.
With call extensions, you can attract more phone calls to your business by showing a phone number with your ad (on desktops), and a click-to-call button (on smartphone devices) at the same cost as a click to a normal ad. This is not possible to do on organic ads. Furthermore, ad extensions take up more space particularly in the top fold of search results, pushing your competitors further down the page.


Managing your traffic
Most often, when someone searches for a particular brand, the top organic result is normally the home page or a landing page that Google determines is most relevant to the search query. However, these might not always be the best pages to direct brand searches to. Using paid search, you have more control over which landing page to direct visitors to when they search for your brand.
Also when bidding on brand terms, you can use the Search Terms Report in AdWords to see what people are typing in to find your company. This can help you target visitors better by selecting relevant phrases and use highly targeted landing pages to direct traffic to your site. You can also filter out any unwanted traffic to your paid ads by implementing any irrelevant search terms as negatives keywords.


Protect your visibility
If you’re not bidding on your brand then you’ll find that your competitors most likely are, and your potential customers are going to them instead of you. If a potential customer is on their way to your site then you need to make sure they are not distracted and be the first to catch their eye by bidding on your brand terms. Also, if you’re not appearing in the top fold of search results, your organic listings are pushed further down the page, reducing chances of being seen.
In many cases, it makes sense to appear the highest for your own brand name because people searching for that want to find you and not your competitors. So the best way to avoid letting your customers see your competitor’s ads is to bid on your own brand name.