News, 20 August 2021
New Client Growth

Business Growth for Blue2

The Blue2 team are proud to announce a significant increase in turnover following 12 major new clients wins over the last four months, including Bells Food Group, ION-8 Water Bottles and Pilgrims’s Gin, to a value over £200k.

We are a Dundee based consultancy, part of integrated marketing agency ALTAR GROUP, we have also expanded our board of directors with two additional members, technical director, Alistair Cowan, and Digital Design Director, Rob Black. In addition, the workforce has been bolstered with six new staff members in 2021 from locations including the United States and Italy, and recruitment for additional talent is ongoing. Four new positions, two web developers and two digital marketeers, have been created.

A further three large-scale projects from existing clients: Sportsoracle, Wild In Art, and DC Thomson have also been brought to the table in recent months.

To date we have developed six apps that curate outdoor art trails for client Wild in Art, including: Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail; Pop up Penguins in Christchurch, New Zealand; Me and Uoo Uoo in Melbourne, Australia; and Cows about Cambridge. A further eight have been launched over the summer with Elmer’s Big Heart of Kent Parade, leading the charge. The Blue2 team have designed and created an app that helps trail goers track down sculptures with the iconic Elmer the Patchwork Elephant taking centre stage, as well as allowing them to learn more about the artwork, unlock exciting rewards, and view their trail progress.

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