Blog, 21 May 2020
Digital Marketing

Content Marketing During Lockdown 


With the recent events of Covid 19 many businesses are feeling the effects and have had to close temporarily. Depending on your business this is an incredibly important time to be active with your audience. Understanding firstly what you are trying to achieve is important. Do you want to maintain your brand’s awareness? Or do you want to drive more online sales? After identifying your goals you can create content which reflects this. Some businesses will need to drive sales at this time but it’s important to also be empathic with your customers during this difficult time. 

The most important thing to remember is to KEEP POSTING. Your business might be shut, or operating at reduced capacity right now but your audience is still there. With the effects of Covid 19 people are spending more time on social media and engaging with online content. You want to make your audience aware that you’re still there and that they are keeping your business in your mind for when you reopen/or they are ready to re-engage with you. So what kind of content can you be posting? 

We have identified some content tips which will help you to reach your audience whilst being empathic to their needs during this time. 

How to Tutorials – Tutorials are a great way to provide your audience with valuable content. Valuable content is content which is useful to your audience and teaches or assists them in some way. Create tutorials around your business theme for example if you’re a video production company you could release short video tutorials for production or editing. Doing this will increase your brands awareness and improve your reputation as you are providing something for free to your audience. This style of content is usually accompanied by video content but if that’s not possible pictures or infographics can also work. 

Make use of #TBT & #FBF – Using the Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday hashtags allows you to reuse older posts that may still be relevant to your current audience, it gives you a chance to use content that performed well or perhaps content which didn’t perform so well and you think it could have had a better engagement from your audience. 

Find a Niche Topic you can post about – We regularly post content on a Thursday for our Cake Thursdays niche. Cake Thursdays gives us something to post about every week and gives us some tasty cakes to enjoy! Find your own niche and post about it regularly! 

Use the Stories feature – If you are trying to reach your audience then it’s important to utilise the stories feature on Instagram and Facebook. Using these features lets you be present at the top of your audience’s feed, it improves the chances of your content being noticed. 

Create entertainment for your audience – During this time a lot of people are struggling to find stimulating entertainment. Create some entertaining content such as a quiz.  We are currently sharing an emoji quiz for example. Sharing this kind of content will encourage your audience to share it with their friends increasing your engagement and awareness. 

Trending content – Have a look at what hashtags are trending and create content around that for example, we have been creating content to support our NHS and Key Workers using the recently trending hashtag #clapforcarers. 

These are just a few tips that you can follow to create content during the Coronavirus Lockdown to engage with your audience and to make them aware that even though you are currently shut, you will reopen.