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Meet Becca As Seen on BBC Scotland

Meet Becca As Seen on BBC Scotland

Meet Becca, one of Flour Power’s lovely bakers. After the cameras stopped rolling, we have asked Becca some baking related questions and she was delighted to answer.


What is your name and position within Blue2 and Avian?
My name is Becca McCallum, and I’m a Digital Marketing Analyst at Blue2 Digital working on accounts such as Fingask Castle, Loch Duart Salmon, Starn Group and many more.

Where are you originally from and who inspired you to bake?
I grew up in Cupar, Fife, but recently moved to Broughty Ferry. My Grandma inspired me to bake. When visiting my Grandma, she always had either her signature scones or truffles for everyone to munch on. I think the act of baking is an extremely loving gesture, as to do it right takes a lot of time and patience.

What is your first memory of baking?
I remember baking cupcakes with my Mum for someone’s birthday.

What is your signature bake?
Definitely, cake! Decoration unknown (it’s a surprise) but for flavour usually a classic Victoria sponge, or coffee cake. It will probably turn into my bake from the show though!

What would you like to bake but have never had the chance to try?
I want to try Bread. I am not brave enough, though. I would also really like to try baking croissants.

What did you gain from taking part in “Flour Power”?
We all became closer as work colleagues and the 4 of us now have our little baking clique.


You can watch all our bakers as they compete for the Flour Power Trophy on BBC Scotland, 24th July at 8pm.