A Good Idea + Emotion = Digital Marketing Success

Let’s cut to the chase here. Social media was never originally created for businesses and agencies to advertise/be ‘businessy’ on. We seem to have forgotten that social media (with the exception of LinkedIn) was created to connect friends and family and share news about our lives with these people. It allowed us to interact with people we love in a modern way and act as a hub for things we care about.

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Article Author: Blue2 Marketing Team

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The key term here is care. My Granny joined Facebook because she wanted to see what her grandchildren were up to. My Mum joined because she wanted to connect with her family and share stories of her fitness progress. I originally joined because all of my friends were talking about it at school and well, who wants to be left out? Hell, I’m pretty sure even my parents spaniel has an Instagram page. His name is Olly and yes, he probably has more followers than me.

My point here is that we never created social media accounts to be advertised to. We get enough of that from billboards, TV, radio and newspapers. I’m on Twitter to see things I care about, not to be sold to. Not going to lie but I’m pretty sure my Granny would much rather see a picture of her granddaughter’s wedding rather than get told to ‘learn more’ on the latest range of walking sticks!

So what am I trying to get at here? Am I telling you all to stop advertising on social media?

No! Not at all. I’d be out of a job if that was the case! Let’s refer back to my click-baity title – A Good Idea + Emotion = Digital Marketing Success. What on earth does that even mean? Combine it with everything I’ve just talked about and you’ve actually got yourself a really good social media strategy.

Advertising and business content is here and it’s here to stay – we’ve all accepted that now. Social media has changed and that’s fine. What hasn’t changed is people and relationships. Yes the way we use social media and how we interact with people has changed but people and what causes us to interact with other people hasn’t. An important part of getting people to care? Emotion. We interact with thing’s because they make us feel something. Whether that’s laughter, anger, happiness, concern, jealousy, surprise it doesn’t matter. The point is we care and we feel almost obliged to interact with it in some way. Pages like The Lad Bible have nailed this and their millions of followers and ridiculous engagement rates prove this.

You’ve got a business. You’re obviously making some kind of money which means you’re creating/producing/selling something that people do actually want. But don’t go invading their online space and expect them to be happy about it. Take a step back and look at your business’s offering. Why should people care? Why should people buy into your idea? What reasons are you giving people to interact with your content?

Before your next social media campaign think of a good idea that provokes an emotional response that has your true brand values in mind. Put yourself in the consumers shoes and ask yourself – ‘If I was scrolling down my news feed on Facebook, would I stop and look at this? What does it make me feel?’. If your answer isn’t some kind of emotion, back to the drawing board. Start again and build from the bottom. Every business has some kind of story. Try and tell your’s in a creative way.

Here’s an example of how lots of businesses market themselves compared to the emotive approach I’m talking about. Let’s pretend for a minute I own a restaurant.

Generic Approach

Idea: Tell people who we are, when we’re open and what food we serve.

Emotion/Response: Not sure. More of an informative advert.

End Product: A Facebook advert with a picture of the restaurant, some basic info and a call to action like ‘Book Now’ or ‘Book A Table’

Emotive Approach

Idea: Recording a video on a smartphone, get a member of the team to walk around the restaurant and kitchen during service showing the buzzing atmosphere and the skill of the chefs. Even interview some of the chefs to ask what they’re making and what ingredients they use. Show that the chefs are proud of what they’re making. Don’t be afraid to use humour where possible. 2 mins minimum.

Emotion/Response: Surprise at the chefs skills. Appreciation of restaurant. Make people feel hungry maybe? A feeling of local pride if targeted at local audience.

End Product: A smartphone video which is easy to upload as an Instagram advert showing the restaurant in all of its glory. Use a link at the end of the video to encourage people through to your website. Something that can be recycled for future adverts for other platforms.

Which one are you more likely to interact with? Hopefully it’s pretty obvious. An idea like that is so simple but can be extremely powerful on social media. Your showing consumers that real people work at this restaurant and they all have personalities and are extremely proud of what they do. Something to keep in mind for future campaigns.

Although I’m talking like I know all the answers, I don’t. What I am pretty good at is thinking like I used to think before I got involved in the digital marketing sector and building an idea with that mindset. I’m also pretty passionate about filling social media with interesting content rather than being a contributor towards boring news feeds.

Anyways, hope that made sense. With all of this in mind, here’s something to take away:

A Good Idea + Emotion + People = Digital Marketing Success.