Blog, 29 May 2020
Tim Walker

My Placement at Blue2

This April I had the opportunity to undertake a four-week placement with Blue2 Digital, working within the Digital Marketing team. The placement was part of my MSc Digital Marketing course at RGU, which allows students to develop and put into practice the skills and knowledge, which they have been developing whilst on the course. 

We were provided with a list of businesses which were interested in hosting placement students. I was interested in working with a digital agency because the work is very fast-paced, challenging and there is opportunity to work on a variety of different projects. Upon reviewing the list, Blue2 stood out to me. I admired the agency’s broad portfolio of client work, like their contribution to the “Oor Wullie’s Big Bucket Trail” campaign, and I was excited by the agency’s fun culture with events such as Cake Thursdays and Pizza Fridays. After applying and being chosen for an interview by Digital Marketing Manager Becca McCallum, I was offered the four-week position! 

Not long before my placement was due to begin, the UK government announced the lockdown to deal with the effects of COVID 19. As a result of this, most businesses moved to remote working and reduced staff, resulting in a loss of many of my fellow student’s placements being cancelled. I was delighted when Blue2 was still able to offer me the opportunity to work with them on a remote basis. Working remotely has its challenges but I also found it a valuable experience, as it offered a unique way of working. 

When I started my placement I was invited to a morning scrum meeting, where everyone on the team shares their goals for the day. I was introduced to the members of the Blue2 team and their roles within the agency, everyone was extremely friendly and made me feel very welcome. I had the opportunity to work on a variety of digital marketing techniques during my time with Blue2 including: 

Social Media Management – I was responsible for the agency’s social media channels, creating content and maintaining an online presence for the agency during the lockdown. 

Content Writing – I developed several blogs for the agency’s website, these blogs provided support for individuals and businesses on dealing with the effects of lockdown. 

Client Research – I conducted research for a few of Blue2’s clients, looking at things like audience engagement on social media channels. 

Google Ads – I had the opportunity to develop my skills in Google Ads by maintaining ad accounts of some of Blue2’s clients. 

With the effects of lockdown I did not have the opportunity to work on client projects in some areas of digital marketing, however, Becca along with Digital Marketing Analyst Jamie Lowrey provided me with valuable training experience in areas such as SEO, Google Ads, and PPC. 

My placement at Blue2 has given me a real insight into the digital industry and a taste of what agency life is like. I have developed my skills in a professional environment and have had the opportunity to enhance my communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. It has been a fantastic experience and I am pleased to continue my placement with Blue2 over summer to further develop my skills and experience. Thank you to Becca McCallum for her support and the rest of the Blue2 Team for this opportunity.