Blog, 20 April 2021
Abbi Henderson

My Placement Experience – Abbi Henderson

This year, much like last was a very uncertain year for all, so having the opportunity to be able to still undertake a placement online has been a great motivator. I am in my third year at Abertay University, studying BA (hons) Marketing and Business, the placement module was something that I was always looking forward to, especially working with a marketing agency. After researching local businesses to Dundee I came across Blue2 and I felt they were a perfect company to suggest to my module leader. 

When I had my first interview with Becca (Digital Marketing Manager) , she advised that I would be working with live clients. As exciting as this was, I was nervous at first not only to be doing a placement from my own home but to be working with paying clients of Blue2. Meeting the team virtually on scrum each morning and afternoon was a great way to see what the work place would be like.

My Goal 

My main goal of placement was to gain as much insight into what a digital and marketing agency does and see how to handle customers in such a creative industry and it is an industry that I have really enjoyed learning more about. Blue2 has such a welcoming presence and having my placement virtually exceeded my expectations and I have enjoyed each day with the digital marketing team. 

What I Learned 

Over the 10 weeks of my placement I learned that each day’s tasks are different and no two days are the same, I learned very quickly from shadowing Becca that each client has different goals. I gained knowledge into the different aspects of digital marketing and the fast paced creative industry. 

Each week differed and working with Becca and Jamie I got the opportunity to look into so many different areas that a digital marketing analyst would undertake, they both have extensive knowledge and I never had much insight into google ads before, but over the past 10 weeks I have assisted with creating campaigns and ads for live clients of Blue2. I looked at the business side of social media, ran paid ads for and also reviewed both Blue2, Avian and Altar Group social accounts and suggested content in which they could adopt in future posts. 

Working with live clients was definitely one aspect of placement which I enjoyed the most as seeing campaigns and ads that I generated go live and watch them progress over the weeks was a great learning factor and helped understand why each step is important and the positive effect that it produces. I also really enjoyed looking into the business side of social media for live clients and internally for Blue2 as it shows the diversity of the content and trends that need to be taken into account when producing a piece of content. 

My placement at Blue2 has given me skills and insight into what agency work is like and I have learned that there is no limit to how creative you can be in the workplace. I would like to thank Becca, Jamie and all the team at Blue2 for the opportunity to have a placement during the circumstances we have all had to endure over the course of the past year, and the support that I have been given throughout.