SEO Website Guide by Blue2 Digital

This guide covers the basics on search engine optimisation and provides you with steps to ensure that your site is highly optimized!

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Article Author: Blue2 Marketing Team



Search engine optimization is more important than ever, considering everyone seems to use Google these days.  The majority of users tend to stay on the first page of Google and if you venture off to the second, you’re considered a rebel!  At Blue2 Digital we make sure that we put SEO best practices into place and we’d like to share the basics with you!


SEO ultimately improves keyword relevancy and it’s actually more than this practise that ensures that your page is going to rank high on the search engine results page.  Have a look at our guide and tell us what you think!  We’ll be sharing this on social media and we encourage you to follow us for more material.


Download PDF: The-Ultimate-SEO-Website-Guide-