Blog, 14 August 2019
Tech Crunch

Social Media Trends

With communication platforms ever-evolving and more and more apps appearing daily on the market, social media is a far cry from what was once a very modest communication channel between friends. Facebook alone has completely transformed the global online landscape with its list of capabilities ever-growing. With this in mind, it is important to look at where social media is heading in the years to come and the trends that are defining the next generation of users.

Video is Front and Centre

It is widely known that video content provides the best engagement and ROI on social platforms. Users are glued to videos that connect them with brands they have an affinity towards. Whether that be a Ted talk or a video of someone’s pet cat.

A great example of a brand that is maximising this trend is GoPro. They have truly mastered the art of utilising user-generated videos. Their YouTube channel has 7.5 million subscribers and 2 billion views of stunning adventure videos, captured with their product creating an online community of adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts.

Content Storytelling

Instagram and Snapchat stories have been embraced by users and brands alike. This ephemeral content opens brands up to a whole new world of marketing possibilities. 

The content is less curated and has a more spontaneous feel which in turn makes it more engaging as it doesn’t seem forced or planned. Stories are overtaking regular newsfeeds and grid activity and with it being introduced on many different platforms marketers will need to be able to execute it well.


The rise in influencers is evident on all social platforms, but especially YouTube and Instagram, highlighting how the millennial and Gen Z generations are embracing influencers wholeheartedly. Many influencers are extremely skilled content creators and fully understand the platforms they use, so can be a great addition to a brand’s online marketing strategy.

With a multitude of content options, it is imperative that brands build relationships with influencers- as influencer marketing is here to stay.

All three of these trends are set to become an even larger part of the social media community in 2020 and will be essential parts of any brand marketing strategy in the very near future. Keep in mind that keeping up with overall trends is beneficial, however, measuring the effectiveness of these types of campaigns are necessary when trying to build a brand or reach a social goal.